A trip to the Moon!

By Gina


Fellow Earthlings, we are now go for launch. Do you copy?

As most of you will be getting ready for the holidays, in this blog we'll be setting off into space!

This week marks the anniversary of the historic first Moon Landing, which took place more than 50 years ago. On 20 July 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to step foot on the moon. The Apollo Lunar Landing paved the way for future space exploration and would forever change the way we looked at the stars - with curiosity and the need for discovery!

We'll now take you through some of our favourite space-filled books, from fact filled page-turners to colourful picture books - and an audiobook you can listen to together. So, are you all strapped in?

The Spacesuit


There is a competition to make the spacesuit for the first moon landing! Ellie, an ordinary woman, is asked to lead a team of talented seamstresses. No one believes they can win but they are determined to try...

Based on the incredible true story behind the spacesuit and the team of seamstresses that sewed it together.

"Suit"-able for 0-10 light years, only on the Cloudaloud app.


Moon Landing

We first travel to Campbell's, Moon Landing, where toddlers can delight in the push, pull and turning mechanisms that bring the story of the First Moon landing to life! Wonderfully illustrated by Lon Lee, get ready to blast off in the rocket, moon walk on the surface of the moon, and make the journey back home to earth alongside the astronauts of Apollo 11.

Suitable for 0-5 light years.


Molly's Moon Mission

We are now orbiting Molly's Moon Mission by Duncan Beedie! Molly the Moth lives a happy life with her family in the back of a wardrobe, yet she yearns for more adventure. By day she helps her mother look after the larvae, but by night she prepares for her mission to the Moon! With Space so big and Molly so small, it seems like an impossible feat - but that doesn't stop Molly from chasing her dreams all the way into space!

Suitable for 0-5 light years.


Field Trip to the Moon

Now its time to zoom over to Field Trip to the Moon by Jeanne Willis. Have you ever found yourself stranded in space? Whilst it may be a regular occurrence for some, it certainly isn't for one student when she finds herself stuck on the moon! With fantastic illustrations by John Hare, join this little girl on her school trip to the moon and see what happens when she gets left behind and is discovered by aliens! This witty story celebrates creativity, exploration and finding friendship in unlikely places (like the moon!).

Suitable for 0-10 light years.


Tintin Moon Bindup

At our next stop we enter the beloved adventures of TinTin by the esteemed Hergé. This collector's edition features Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon. In Destination Moon, Tintin is joined by Captain Haddock and they are amazed to find that Professor Calculus is planning to launch a secret space rocket, a project given to him by the Sprodj Atomic Research in Syldavia. Before Tintin knows it, they're investigation takes them all the way to space!

In Explorers on the Moon,  the story continues as Tintin and the gang find themselves in the rocket on a collision course with the moon! As things spiral further out of control, can our beloved hero save the day?

If you're after lots of space adventures and fun-filled chaos, then get ready for lift-off with this world-famous reporter!

Suitable for 5-10 light years. 


The Usborne Book of the Moon

Now that we've had our fill of adventure, take a seat (that is, float in the anti-gravity), and listen to Laura Cowan's story of the moon! With colourful illustrations by Diana Toledano, explore the myths and science of our orbiting neighbour: from the moon being made of cheese, to the fascinating Space Race in the 20th century. 

Suitable for 5-10 lights years.


The Moon

Hannah Pang not only details the captivating science of the moon, but also humankind's relationship to our lunar friend. The moon has been a source of inspiration for centuries, for astronomers, artists and storytellers alike. With beautiful illustrations by Thomas Hegbrook, Pang's writing will allow younger readers to dream and wonder at all that's yet to be discovered.

Suitable for 5-10 light years.


An Adventurer's Guide to Outer Space

By now, you're all likely connoisseurs of the moon thanks to this wonderful selection of books. But the journey needn't stop there! If your keen to look beyond the moon and see what else awaits you in space, then Isabel Thomas' enchanting guide will help prepare you for your next adventures!
Pack your spacesuit and join Mia on a breath-taking journey through our solar system, and the deepest depths of the universe. Visit the international space station, then head on over to the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The Asteroid Belt and distant galaxies await you! This interactive expedition includes activities and mind-boggling facts, and would make the perfect gift for budding adventurers.

Suitable for 5-10 light years.


There you have it! From engrossing tales to spectacular facts and myths surrounding the moon - we hope you've enjoyed our lunar odyssey and are already planning your next space mission. But now that we're safely back on earth, have a look at our Space Collection on the Cloudaloud website for more galactic facts and fiction!

Until next time, over and out.


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