Back-to-school picture books!

By Gina

We've reached that time again...

Gather your books and pack your pencil case, because we're heading back to school!

Or, heading in for the first time! If you're just starting school or nursery, you might be experiencing some strong feelings, from nervousness to excitement - and everything in between. But don't fret, we've put together some great reading and activity books we think you'll enjoy to get you feeling ready and enthusiastic for the new school year.


When a Dragon Goes to School

Are your little dragons (or children) prone to misbehaving at school? Caryl Hart and Rosalind Beardshaw team up to bring us this delightful picture book, perfect for young ones about to start nursery or school and aren't sure how to deal with their nerves. When little dragon heads back to school, does she make a mess with crayons or is she tidy and creates colourful drawings instead? Does she share the toys in the playground or does she hog them and storm off in a huff? We've ALL been a naughty little dragon at some point, but with the help of her friends, this dragon learns to behave and get along well at school.

Suitable for ages 0-5. (And listen now on the Cloudaloud audiobook app!)


Wipe-Clean All You Need to Know Before You Start School Activity Book

Usborne and Holly Bathie provide another excellent activity book to get you raring to go for the school day. Join these five animal friends for lots of fun activities, from mazes to dot-the-dot and colouring and counting. And even better, the pages are wipe clean so you can return to each activity to complete all over again! These activities are superb for early learning and getting your little ones excited for the new term.

Suitable for ages 0-5.


Mouse's First Night at Moonlight School

From the favourited series Moonlight School, Simon Puttock and Ali Pye perfectly capture those first day of school jitters in Mouse's First Night at Moonlight School. For all the small creatures of the night, it's the first night of school, and little Mouse is VERY shy and struggles to say hello to her new classmates. But she soon meets Miss Moon, Bat, Cat and Owl who include her in a game of hide-and-seek to make her feel at home! This is a superb read for those a little nervous about their first day at school.

Suitable for ages 0-5. (And listen now on the Cloudaloud audiobook app!)


 My Nursery in 100 Words

This is a delightfully colourful book that takes you through all the language that your children will come across at nursery. It introduces little ones to a range of scenery, such as playtime, arts and crafts and circle time with each page containing one feeling word and one action. That first day at nursery can be overwhelming and My Nursery in 100 Words will get readers familiar with specific subjects and comfortable in engaging with the world around them. 

Suitable for ages 0-5.


The King of the Classroom

Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley-Newton celebrate the milestone of the first day nursery with King of the Classroom, full of enthusiasm and jam-packed fun. The story goes to show that with a little confidence and eagerness, then starting nursery or school isn't so scary after all. The King of this story can't wait for his first day and is ready for the challenge: he's dressed himself, eaten a big pile of pancakes and looks forward to meeting new friends!

Suitable for ages 0-5.


 Miss Molly's School of Kindness

Now it's time to take your seats with Miss Molly's School of Kindness where three naughty fox cubs learn about kindness to others, themselves and to the planet. This funny and entertaining story by Zanna Davidson is a great read for little ones to get them talking about kindness at school.

Suitable for ages 0-5.


Meesha Makes Friends

One of the scariest things about starting school can be thought of making new friends. For Meesha this is certainly the case. Meesha loves to make things, from colourful drawings to creating wonderful melodies. But, one thing she struggles to friends. And no amount of paint or glue was going to help! It can be hard to find things in common with new friends, but Meesha soon learns that you never know if you share the same hobbies with someone unless you try talking to them! Tom Percival brings us this heart warming story with vibrant illustrations that would make a perfect read for any of your little ones feeling a little nervous about making friends.

Have a look at Percival's other stories in his Big Bright Feelings series! 

Suitable for ages 0-5.


We hope this selection we've put together has been bright, reassuring and made the first day of school feel a little less daunting! There are more cheery and exciting stories in the School Stories Collection or have a look at our selection of Activity Books to get those cogs in the brain working again.

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