Father's Day Picture Books!

By Gina

June 20th...what could be happening on that day? Any ideas?

In case you hadn't guessed it from the title (we get it, it's a Monday), it's Father's Day!

Just in time to celebrate, here's a list of 6 of our bookshop favourites celebrating that wonderful relationship between a child and their dad.

Do you have any books you love reading with your little one? We'd love to hear about them! But in case you're stuck for choice, take your pick from our list below.


Guess How Much I Love You

Top of the list is the late Sam McBratney's beloved classic Guess How Much I love you. This sweet tale puts into words just how much love you can have for your family. But, Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare soon learn that love isn't an easy thing to measure. The efforts of the two hares continue to warm people's hearts since it's first publication in 1994. Have a look at our full Guess How Much I Love You Collection for more heartening editions by Sam McBratney, including puzzles and colouring books!

Suitable for 0-5.


Little White Fish and His Daddy

Guido van Genechten writes and illustrates this endearing picture book celebrating individualism. We can all remember that playful conversation with our friends, arguing about whose dad could do what better. With the help of colourful illustrations, this short story reminds the reader that everyone's dad is different and has something worth celebrating! 

Suitable for 0-5.



From the acclaimed writer and illustrator Emma Dodd, this delightful picture book follows a wolf pup and his father. Papa wolf expresses his dreams and wishes for his child and all that he has to teach, but he also learns from little wolf. Gentle rhymes and illustrations form this delightful story, and would make a great addition for bedtime reading this month!

Suitable for 0-5.


Nights With Dad

Karen Hesse's lyrical and comforting story is perfect to read along with dad. The story centres on a father and son and their everyday lives. As the sun sets, Dad has to leave for his night-shift as a school caretaker, and takes his son with him. From playing basketball in the empty sports hall, to reading to his father in the library, Hesse's story shows how love can be found in simple and day-to-day activities. This is a lovely read for hard-working dads this Father's Day!

Suitable for 0-5. 


My Friends and Me


In this funny and big-hearted book, Stephanie Stansbie rejoices in all the different kinds of families out there, whether you have two daddies, two mummies or a single parent. Katy Halford's wonderful illustrations celebrate families of all shapes and sizes for Father's Day, and shows that what truly makes a family is the love you share.

Suitable for 0-5.


 I Am Perfectly Designed

Last, (but certainly not least!), is from father-son duo Karamo and Jason Brown. Together, with beautiful illustrations by Anoosha Syed, they write this wonderfully empowering tale that follows a father and son as they spend the day together and discuss all the ways they are 'perfectly designed' for one another. They reminisce about all the fun they've had, and look forward to all the fun yet to come. This celebration of love will make a perfect gift for Father's Day!

Suitable for 0-5.


Do you need a tissue? Just us? Well, if we haven't moved you tears one of these books will definitely do the job! You can also head to our Father's Day Collection for more heart-warming reads this Father's Day. 


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    I had no idea that Guess How Much I Love You was about a child and father…I’ve been giving it to the wrong parents for years!

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