Mother Nature!

By Gina

Finding yourself predominantly indoors during this time makes you appreciate the outside a lot more. You may find yourself daydreaming about being in the great outdoors, whether it's roaming around a giant forest, snorkelling in the ocean, or perhaps climbing a great, big mountain gazing out at the view. We know how you feel!

Have you got a love of nature? Perhaps you just can’t wait for springtime to come! We have put together a list of books celebrating SPRING and all things GREEN which may only inflate that desire – you have been warned! We hope these can transport you into the warm embrace of Mother Nature, until you can explore properly once more!


 Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet

In keeping with our appreciation of Mother Earth, here is a wonderful picture book exploring the lives of remarkable women who have set out to protect the planet. Written by a descendent of Emmeline Pankhurst herself, Kate Pankhurst celebrates women from across the globe, not only through her writing but with her beautiful illustrations. Any budding climate activists out there? This book is perfect for you if you are looking for inspiration!

Suitable for 7+!


The Woodland Trust: Into the Forest

Trees, trees, and more trees! Christiane Dorion creates a marvellous experience of the forest that delights our eyes and minds with the extraordinary communities of plants, animals, and fungi that live there. This book promises to entrance you with beautiful images of the many types of forests that blanket our world. Travel to the deciduous forest through the seasons and catch a glimpse of birds and bats taking shelter among the tree trunks. Then head over to the towering giants of the redwood forest, or perhaps embark on a trail through a noisy and vibrant rainforest. Which one will be your favourite? Published in partnership with the Woodland Trust, the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK!

Suitable for 5+!


Bee & Me

If you’re looking for a picture book that’s both delightful and informative, Alison Jay's Bee & Me is just the thing! Bees can often make people scatter in the opposite direction! Indeed, this little girl does just that when one particular bee flies into her bedroom. However, after she manages to trap the bee in a glass, she realises they’re not so bad after all. In fact, they are pretty crucial to sustaining our ecosystem. The girl soon realises this and releases the bee, and soon a friendship blooms between them. The bee teaches the girl about caring for the environment, and they are overjoyed as nature begins to blossom in the city once again.

Suitable for 5+!


The Wind in the Willows

In preparation for springtime, why not revisit Kenneth Grahame’s timeless classic and share in the laughs and misadventures of Mole, Ratty, Badger and Toad? Since the characters first appeared over one hundred years ago in 1908, they have continued to warm readers' hearts and capture their imaginations. This wonderful book makes our list because of Grahame’s wonderful depictions of the lush, picturesque English countryside and his celebration of friendship with its wonderfully eccentric characters.

Suitable for 5+!


In Blossom

Springtime can bring many new beginnings and opportunities, and it’s certainly a time for new friendships! Cheon Yooju writes and illustrates this sweet tale that centres around a cat and a dog who find themselves sharing the same bench and form an unlikely friendship. As the cat eats her lunch and the dog reads his book, the breeze blowing through the blossom trees and the sun shining causes a gentle stir in the air, and the cat and the dog decide to share in the peace of the moment. This book reminds the reader to pause every now and then, and marvel at the little things nature has to offer.

Suitable for 5+!


When It Rains

Rassi Narika’s picture book gives a refreshing take on rainy weather. Nature and springtime can mean a lot of rain as well as sunshine and rainbows! When It Rains tells the story of Kira, a young girl who is sick of staying indoors all day and questions why we react the way we do about wet weather. Kira discovers that, in fact, rain can be exciting and fun! Narika’s wonderful writing coupled with her illustrations will make anyone want to go out and find a great big puddle to splash around in.

Suitable for 5+!


There you have it! Find these and other wonderful titles - including activity books - in our Mother Nature collection. And be sure to look at our Nature category on the Cloudaloud website for more deliciously green books.

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