Planes, Trains and Automobiles... 10 Books on Transport For Your Future Explorer!

Kids are always on the move; their legs, fingers, mouths and most importantly, their minds are always whirring, desperate for the next bit of information that will awe them. We know times must have been tough of late, what with them (and you!) being stuck in the house, unable to see their friends, unable to go anywhere. So with this in mind, we're here to help; here are our top 10 books about things that move (that aren't your children!).

Travel and Transport by Sandra Lawrence, illustrated by Jem Maybank

Travel and Transport is a high-speed journey through the past, taking a fairly comprehensive look at the history of our modern modes of transport. Lawrence and Maybank take us from the first car in the 1920s to the modern electric hybrids we have now; accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, this is one for the shelves of any child who likes to know how things work.

We recommend for children 7 and above!

Build Your Own Motorbikes Sticker Book by Simon Tudhope, illustrated by John Fox

This high-speed sticker book has hours of fun lined up for your motor enthused little ones; they can get fully immersed in the 'building' of 21 of the fastest motorbikes by adding wheels, bodywork and super-cool accessories. If all of that doesn't have you convinced yet, Tudhope has included statistics for each bike's speed, horsepower and engine size. Top Trumps anyone?

We recommend for children aged 5+

Fast and Slow by Barefoot Books, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup

Fast and Slow is all about things that GO! With gorgeous, vibrant illustrations, Fast and Slow will help to introduce essential vocabulary to your little ones. Whether they're all about fire engines or bikes or hot-air balloons or rockets, this book has got something for them!

Recommended for 0-4 years!

How to Build... Rockets by Louise Derrington

This one is for your future inventors and engineers! With various (and easy) ways to build and test REAL working model rockets, this is sure to keep your child engaged and busy! Inside are simple instructions, equipment lists and templates to assist your child in making working rockets. And if rockets aren't their thing, How to Build have a whole other range of vehicles for them to try.

Recommended for children 7+

The Hundred Decker Bus by Mike Smith

Take a seat on the most joyful and riotous bus you've EVER been on! The Hundred Decker Bus is a book full of joy and colour and even has a big (fold-out) surprise at the end. This tall tale is sure to have you all in stitches. Join us for an exciting bus journey as we travel anywhere and everywhere, growing taller with each adventure.

Recommended for children aged 3-7 years!

Two Little Trains by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Greg Pizzoli 

From the author of the beloved Goodnight Moon and award-winning illustrator Greg Pizzoli comes this heartwarming tale of two trains, a streamlined train and an older mode. Come with us as we journey through hills and over mountains, crossing rivers and plains.

Recommended for 3-7 year olds!

Bruno and Bella: The Scooter, written and illustrated by Judy Brown

Meet Bruno and Bella! These twin rabbits are always getting into mischief, and this time Bruno has a new scooter. He spends all week practising, going sloooowly at first, then gaining speed, but never learning how to STOP! Your child will love spending time with these enigmatic rabbits, and there's a whole Bruno and Bella series to for them to sink their teeth into!

Recommended for children 3+!

It'll Never Work: Planes and Helicopters, An Accidental History of Inventions by Jon Richards

This high-interest book focuses on the technology and design that makes planes and helicopters work. It's an exploration of the wild and wacky inventions that never made it off the ground, but most importantly, the ones that did. If planes aren't for you, Rockets and Cars are also options!

Recommended for children aged 8 and up!

Wheels by Tracey Turner, illustrated by Fatti Burke

WHEELS! You can't go anywhere without them and this gorgeous edition details all the machines that use them, including but not limited to cars, trucks and fairgrounds! These energetic illustrations will hold your child's attention as you make your way through all the things that spin!

Recommended for children aged 5 and above. 

And there you have it! A comprehensive collection of books for children (and adults) of any age to enjoy! Let’s get moving!