August: summer holiday reading!

By Gina

Summer's almost over! The sun is shining (for the most part...), the days are ticking by, and a new school year is looming. But the holiday's aren't over yet!

Who else packs a gazillion books with them when they go on holiday? We know it's not just just us (right?). All that free time from school or nursery means you can finally get lost in a book. Whether you're spending these last precious days going away or staycation-ing, these books will keep you in the summertime spirit!

From oldies to newbies, there's something for everyone to keep you immersed this month.

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What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside

The fantastic award winning duo of Julia Donaldson and illustrator Lydia Monks  bring yet another adventure for the crime-busting Ladybird. This time, Ladybird is on a trip to the sea-side! But trouble isn't far behind when Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len turn up planning to steal a mermaid's hair which they hope to sell to a famous star. Knowing our cunning Ladybird, can they really get away with it? This colourful picture book is a delightful read to get excited for the holidays! 

Suitable for 0-5. 


Spot Goes on Holiday

Who better to share your summer with than this cherished classic! Spot and his family are off on holiday at the beach, where they enjoy swimming in the sea and playing in the sand. This is a wonderful book for encouraging curiosity and exploration with the use of lift up flaps. Eric Hill's wonderful creation has been a character favourite for over 40 years, Spot never fails to surprise and entertain our younger readers!

Suitable for 0-5. 


The Bolds on Holiday

 As if the adventures of this Hyena family couldn't get any more topsy-turvy, Julian Clary and David Roberts return with another hilarious edition to the adored series. The Bold family head to Cornwall and go camping by the seaside. But trouble ensues when little Bobby is mistaken for a puppy and is taken by nasty dognappers. To save the day, the Bolds must gather all their resourcefulness, whilst pretending to be humans! We can't promise that your holiday will be as exciting as the Bold's - we certainly hope it's less exciting than a dognapping! - but Clary's amusing storybook is a great choice to pack with you this summer.

Suitable for 5-10.


Summer Adventure Stories

From one of the most celebrated storytellers is this wonderful collection of 25 of Enid Blyton's most classic and entertaining tales. Beautifully illustrated in true Quentin Blake style, this book includes stories such as The Silver Merman, A Real Fairy Fair and The Girl Who Was Left Behind. Full of magic and mystery, Summer Adventure Stories is a perfect read for the holidays and will be sure to keep your little one entertained.

 Suitable for 5-10.



We Won an Island

Charlotte Lo's amusing and wholesome story centres around Luna and her family. After finding out they might be evicted from their home, they enter a competition advertised by a millionaire and their luck turns around when they win an Island! Where do I sign up?? Their new life begins on a remote Scottish Island, but things aren't as smooth-sailing as they thought it might be! From sheep pageants to a secret festival that spirals out of control, this book is an excellent choice to keep you entertained this summer.
Make sure to have a look at the exciting sequel, We Made a Movie, where the fun (and chaos) continues!

Suitable for 10-12.


  The Swiss Family Robinson

 If you're after a thrilling and adventurous read this summer then Johann Wyss' classic novel will certainly do the trick. The Robinson family set sail from Switzerland for their new home in Australia, but their journey isn't as smooth as they hoped. After a terrible storm, the family find themselves as the sole survivors of the shipwreck on a desert island. With no way off the island and no help to guide them, they must settle into their new home and utilise their strength, endurance and cleverness to survive on their own in the wilderness.

Suitable for 10-12.


I don't know about you but my reading list is set for the end summer! We hope we've provided you with some great choices to keep you entertained. Let us know how you get on and if you had any favourites! Now then - *flings beach towel over shoulder and puts on sunglasses* - we're off, before it's too late!

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