About Us

We’re parents who’ve worked for decades in publishing and audiobook production. We know the value of stories, and want as many stories to reach as many children as possible.

Cloudaloud began as an audiobook app specifically for children. It’s designed to help them find their favourite books, but also to aid their discovery of new stories, or older stories that will be new to them. We want them to find their next favourite story, the life-changing book they didn’t know was out there.

We believe that the books we read in childhood shape our hearts, minds, and characters in unique ways. They often remain our favourites throughout adulthood and help us navigate our world. It’s a vast and changing world, one that demands our children have access to as many viewpoints and narratives as possible. We seek strong, diverse stories; we champion bold, independent publishers; and we celebrate wonderful bestsellers. We believe there’s something for everyone. We believe stories are timeless. We believe stories are magic. We believe stories are essential.

We believe any child who doesn’t like to read hasn’t met the right story yet. And we’d like to introduce them.